VENUS V-410 V Respirator Mask

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VENUS V-410 V Respirator Mask

💢 Model: Venus- V-410
💢 NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators Mask.
💢 Class: FFP1 S
💢 M.U.L.: Upto 4 x OEL
💢 VENUS V-410-V FFP1 S IS 9473:2002 Approved Respirator.
💢 Made In India
💢 NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators Mask.
💢 Filtering efficiency : > 80 % Against Solid Particles,
Complies ISI Test Requirements Based on IS 9473:2002 by BIS.


Class: FFP1 S 

Protection: Solid Dust / Mist

M.U.L.: Upto 4 x OEL

Exhalation Vent Valve

Made in India
NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators Mask
Washable & Re-Usable Mask.


Agriculture Pesticides, insecticide spraying
Ceramics Material mixing
Pharmaceuticals Material handling, Bulk drugs
Engineering Cutting, Sand blasting, Powder coating, Buffing, Welding, Painting
Battery Lead handling
Automobile Powder coating, Welding, Painting, Maintenance work
Metal Fabrication Welding, Smelting, Soldering, Metal pouring
Treatment Plant
Chemical Effluent Material handling, Material processing

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